Directed by Hlynur Palmason
Iceland / Denmark / France / Sweden
Time : 2h23
Cast : Elliott Grosset Hove, Ingvar Sigurosson, Vic Carmen Sonne, Jacob Hauberg Lohmann, Ida Mekkin Hlynsdottir
Screenplay : Hlynur Palmason
Cinematography : Maria von Hausswolff
Music : Alex Zhang Hungtai
Film editing : Julius Krebs Damsbo
Production : Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors, Anton Mani Svansson
At the end of the nineteenth century, Lucas, a young priest, travels to Iceland, an island under the rule of the King of Denmark. His mission is to build a church and to photograph the population. But the further he penetrates into a hostile natural environment, the more he is racked by the torments of temptation and sin. An astonishingly beautiful journey into the heart of darkness.