Directed by Bob Rafelson
United Kingdom / United States
Time : 2h16
Cast : Patrick Bergin, Iain Glen, Richard E. Grant, Fiona Shaw
Cinematography : Roger Deakins
Screenplay : William Harrison, Bob Rafelson
Music : Michael Small
Film editing : Thom Noble
Production : Daniel Melnick




In 1855, Richard Burton, a capricious man of strong character, and an ambitious young officer John Speke, pool their efforts in order to reveal the mystery of the sources of the Nile. Their expedition leads them into hitherto unexplored territory. A major adventure film, both epic and true-to-life.


Bob Rafelson (1933-2022)

A non-conformist film-maker, often associated with his friend Jack Nicholson, Bob Rafelson was a major figure of the American New Wave, thanks in particular to two films: Five Easy Pieces (1970) and The King of Marvin Gardens (1972). He also directed a superb adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981), a viperish thriller Black Widow (1987) and a masterpiece of adventure cinema, Mountains of the Moon (1990).