Directed by Sylvie Gautier
Time : 1h43
Cast : Céline Sallette, Thomas Gioria, Camille Lellouche, Eye Haïdara, Souad Amidou, Julie Ferrier, Bruno Salomone
Screenplay : Sylvie Gautier
Cinematography : Yoan Cart
Music : Alex Aledji
Film editing :  Anne-Marie Sangla
Production : Stéphanie Douet
Karine divides her life between her job as a cleaner and her 17-year-old son. Her life is turned upside down when the company that employs her is taken over. She then takes on responsibility for defending her colleagues, at the risk of revealing her own personal failings. The very poignant tale of the struggle of one woman and her follow-workers in defence of their work and their dignity.