Directed by Emin Alper
Time : 2h09
Cast : Selahattin Pasali, Ekin Koç, Erol Babaoglu, Selin Yeninci, Erdem Şenocak
Screenplay : Emin Alper
Cinematography : Christos Karamanis
Music : Stefan Will
Film editing :  Özcan Vardar, Eytan Ipeker
Production : Nadir Öperli, Kerem Çatay
A tenacious and inflexible young prosecutor, Emre, has just been appointed to an isolated little town in Turkey. As soon as he arrives, he comes up against the local dignitaries who are determined to defend their privileges by any means possible, even the most extreme. A tense and mysterious thriller that brilliantly renders the populist threats weighing on Turkish democracy.