Directed by Ida Techer, Luc Bricault
Time : 1h31
Cast : Mathilde Seigner, Bernard Le Coq, Anne Benoit, Andréa Ferréol, Brigitte Roüan, Myriam Boyer, Patrick Rocca
Screenplay Ida Techer, Julie Manoukian, Nemo Leno
Cinematography : David Chizallet, Patrick Blossier
Music : Matei Bratescot
Film editing : Marie Silvi
Production : Yves Marmion
Alex, a singer still waiting for her big break, agrees to organise singsongs for a choir of retirees. She discovers a group of unruly seniors who dream of only one thing: to sing rock! Alex’s task will prove more complicated than she anticipated. The inspiring tale of the improbable adventure of a Dunkirk choir: Salt & Pepper.