Directed by Sylvain Desclous
Time : 1h45
Cast : Rebecca Marder, Benjamin Lavernhe, Emmanuelle Bercot, Marc Barbé, Pascal Elso, Cédric Appietto
Screenplay : Sylvain Desclous, Pierre Erwan Guillaume
Cinematography : Julien Hirsch
Music : Florencia Di Concilio
Film editing : Isabelle Poudevigne
Production :  Florence Borelly
Summer 2019. Having graduated from Sciences Po, Madeleine sets off to prepare for the oral examinations at the National School of Administration in Corsica with her boyfriend Antoine. On a small deserted road, the couple find themselves involved in an altercation that turns out badly. The secret that now binds them will weigh heavily on their future career. An effective and captivating intrigue that is more than a political film.