by Andrej Korovljev
2023, Croatia, 1h33
French premiere


Starring : Nika Grbelja, Ermin Bravo, Petra B. Blaskovic, Nika Ivancic, Maja Izetbegovic, Jasmin Telalovic
Screenplay : Ivan Turkovic Krnjak
Based on the novel by Vladimir Stojsavljevic
Cinematography : Stanko Herceg
Music : Dalibor Grubacevic
Setting : Tajana Canic Stankovic
Costumes : Desanka Jankovic
Film editing : Ivana Fumic
Production : Dijana Cetina Mladenovic
1995. 38-year-old Mahir, is living at Hotel Pula, which has been turned into a reception centre for Bosnians having fled the war. His days are empty and monotonous until he meets Una, who rekindles his taste for life. But can we really erase our past? A moving love story against the backdrop of a conflict which has left an indelible mark.