by Luana Bajrami
2023, Kosovo, France, 1h34, vostf



Starring : Elsa Mala, Albina Krasniqi, Don Shala, Aurora Ferati, Gani Rrahmani, Uratë Shaban
Screenplay : Luana Bajrami
Cinematography : Hugo Paturel
Music : Céline Laumord
Setting : Luana Bajrami
Costumes : Léopold Bushsbaum
Film editing : Paul Frère, Julie Renault
Production : Val Rahmani, Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache, Hervé Ruet
Kosovo, 2007. Seeing no future for themselves, cousins Zoé and Volta, flee their remote village to enter Pristina University. Naive and dream-filled, the two women discover a country in turmoil and face a stark reality. A wonderful portrait of youth in a nation torn between tradition and globalisation, pain and resilience.