by Robert Hloz
2023, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, 1h51, vostf
Unpublished in France
Starring : Andrea Mohylova, Matej Hadek, Vaclav Neuzil, Milan Ondrik, Karel Dobry, Agata Cervinkova, Katarzyna Zawadzka
Screenplay : Robert Hloz, Tomislav Cecka, Zdenek Jecelin
Cinematography : Filip Marek
Music : Jan Sleska
Setting : Ondrej Lipensky
Costumes : Ivan Stekla
Film editing : Jaroslaw Kaminski
Production : Jan Kallista
It’s the year 2041 and humans can be revived if they die an unnatural death thanks to an innovative procedure. But when a double murder sparks a police investigation, conducted by the intrepid Emma Trochinowska, she reveals all the secrets of this revolutionary technology. A captivating dystopia which will delight fans of science-fiction, crime fiction and action.