by Jan Vejnar, Tomas Pavlicek
2023, Czech Republic, 1h25, vostf
French premiere
Starring : Simona Pekova, Annette Nesvadbova, Jiri Rendl
Screenplay : Tomas Pavlicek, Jan Vejnar
Cinematography : Simon Dvoracek
Music : Aid Kid
Setting and costumes : Zuzana Mazacova
Film editing : Jakub Vansa
Production : Eva Pavlickova, Pavel Vacha, Tomas Pavlicek, Jan Vejnar
Young, thirtysomething couple, Jirka and Aneta, lead a peaceful and happy existence until Valerie, Jirka’s exuberant and very invasive mother, shows up out of the blue one night and moves in with them and their life turns into a nightmare. A hilarious and well-rounded film which uses all the devices of horror films for comedic purposes.