by Marko Santic
2022, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, 1h25, vostf
French premiere
Starring :  Jure Henigman, Ziva Selan, Timon Sturbej, Natasa Barbara Gracner, Jurij Drevensek, Tamara Avgustin
Screenplay : Marko Santic, Sara Hribar, Goran Vojnovic
Cinematography : Ivan Zadro
Music : Jan Visocky, Nemanja Mosurovic
Setting: Marco Juratovec
Costumes : Tina Bonca
Film editing : Vladimir Gojun
Production : Danijel Hocevar, Zala Opara
31-year-old Rock is suffering from memory loss. He no longer recognises his girlfriend, Rina. But Rock’s past is not very palatable and when he finally recalls his true identity, he attempts to make amends for his past actions while trying to prevent his brother from getting into trouble himself. A clearheaded look at the rise of nationalism and the ensuing racism.