by Fien Troch
2023, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France , 1h42, vostf
Unreleased in France
Starring : Cathalina Geeraerts, Felix Heremans, Greet Verstraete, Serdi Faki Alici, Els Deceukelier, Maya Louisa Sterkendries
Screenplay : Fien Troch
Cinematography : Frank van den Eeden
Music : Johnny Jewel
Setting : Sanne Rubbrecht, Natalia Trevino
Costumes : Sophie Van den Keybus
Film editing : Nico Leunen
Production : Antonino Lombardo, Elisa Heene
Holly is considered an outcast by her classmates until they discover she has a gift for alleviating people’s grief. From that point on, the girl’s cathartic energy becomes sought-after by all. But the boundary between help and abuse will quickly become blurred. Saint or shaman? The unusual fate of a heroin who is sanctified despite herself.