by Kilian Riedhof
2023, Germany, Autstria, 2h, vostf
French premiere
Starring : Paula Beer, Jannis Niewöhner, Katja Riemann, Damian Hardung, Peter Miklusz, Lukas Miko, Nikolai Will
Screenplay : Kilian Riedhof, Marc Blöbaum, Jan Braren
Cinematography : Benedict Neuenfels
Music : Peter Hinderthür
Setting : Albrecht Konrad
Costumes : Thomas Olah
Film editing : Andrea Mertens
Production : Katrin Goetter, Michael Lehmann, Günther Russ, Ira Wysocki
Stella, a young German Jew, grew up in Berlin, during the rule of the the Nazi regime. Despite this, she dreams of a career as a jazz singer. But when the deportations intensified, she is arrested. To save herself and her parents, she commits the unthinkable. The portrait of a monstrous victim consumed by an irresistible drive for life.