by Tudor Giurgiu
2023, Romania, Hungary, 1h49, vostf
French premiere
Starring : Alex Calangiu, Catalin Herlo, Ionut Caras, Iulian Postelnicu, Alexandru Papadopol, Stefan Iancu
Screenplay : Tudor Giurgiu, Cecilia Stefanescu
Cinematography : Alexandru Sterian
Setting : Vali Ighigheanu
Costumes : Viorica Petrovici
Film editing : Réka Lemhényi
Production : Tudor Giurgiu, Oana Giurgiu
In December 1989, the Romanian revolution has begun and the town of Sibiu becomes the scene of a violent assault. Police and militia loyal to Ceausescu are arrested and thrown into an empty swimming pool, where it is impossible to tell who is who in the ensuing chaos. A realistic dive into the events, during which lives hang in the balance.