by Milena Aboyan
2023, Germany, 1h50, vostf
Starring : Bayan Layla, Derya Durmaz, Nazmi Kirik, Armin Wahedi, Derya Dilber, Cansu Leyan
Screenplay : Milena Aboyan, Constantin Hatz
Cinematography : Christopher Behrmann
Music : Kilian Oser
Setting : Nora Balmer, Christina Mammes
Costumes : Lara Scherpinski, Paulina Immig
Film editing : Elias Engelhardt
Production : Matthias Greving, Igor Dovgal
22-year-old Kurdish woman, Elaha grew up in Germany. She loves her family tenderly, but wants her love life to be her own business. However, just before getting married, she finds herself confronted with the almost impossible task of restoring her virginity. The terrible dilemma of a young woman torn between respecting traditions and her yearning for independence.