by Zara Dwinger
2023, Netherlands, Poland, 1h31, vostf
Starring : Rosa van Leeuwen, Frieda Barnhard, Lidia Sadowa, Maksymilian Rudnicki
Screenplay : Zara Dwinger, Nena van Driel
Cinematography : Douwe Hennink
Music : Jac van Exter
Setting : Bram Doyer
Costumes : Vita Mees
Film editing : Fatih Tura
Production : Layla Meijman, Maarten van der Ven
Eleven-year-old Lu lives in a care home for children in the Netherlands and hasn't seen her mother for a long time, when she suddenly appears and takes her in her beat-up sports car on a wild trip to Poland to meet her grandmother. An unconventional mother-daughter road trip that turns out to be an exciting ride with a vintage flavour.