by Alvaro Gago
2023, Spain, 1h40, vostf
Starring :  Maria Vazquez, Santi Prego, Soraya Luaces, E.R. Cunha, Susana Sampedro
Screenplay : Alvaro Gago
Cinematography : Lucia C. Pan
Music : Patricia Cadaveira, Marcel Pascual
Setting : Melania Freire
Costumes : Uxia Vaello
Film editing : Ricardo Saraiva
Production : Daniel Froiz, Maria Zamora, Stefan Schmitz, Mireia Graell Vivancos
Ramona works hard to make ends meet. But when the owners of the canning factory where she works want to reduce wages, she complains and gets fired. Her search for a new job gradually leads her to envisage a new life for herself. This energetic heroine is not always lovable, but she touches us with her nature and her courage.