by Stéphane Marchetti
2023, France, 1h32
Starring : Florence Loiret Caille, Saabo Balde, Jonathan Couzinié, Aurélia Petit, Marie Narbonne
Screenplay : Stéphane Marchetti
Collaboration with Laurette Polmanss
Cinematography : Sébastien Goepfert
Music : Adiren Casalis
Setting : Charlotte de Cadeville
Costumes : Marta Rossi
Film editing : Damien Maestraggi
Production : Bertrand Gore
To make ends meet, 45-year-old Marie smuggles cigarettes between France and Italy with the implicit help of her lover Alex, a border policeman. When she meets Souleymane, a young refugee, she gets caught up in a spiral. The protagonist in this social thriller is an endearing and complex anti-hero.