by Neil Boyle, Kirk Hendry
French version
United-Kingdoms, Luxembourg, France
Screenplay : Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo
Artistic direction : Michael Shorten, Nicolas Debray
Animation : Peter Dodd
Music : Stuart Hancock
Film editing : Richard Overall
Production : Camilla Deakin et Ruth Fielding (Lupus Films), Sarah Radclyffe et Barnaby Spurrier (Jigsaw Films), Stéphan Roelants (Mélusine Productions), Jean et Anne Laure Labadie (Le Pacte), Adrian Politowski et Martin Metz (Bumpybox)
When young Michael is shipwrecked on a remote Pacific Island with his dog he struggles to survive. Will he ever see his parents again? One morning, when exhaustion is setting in, he finds some food and fresh water next to him. He is not alone. During this beautiful voyage of initiation, friendship and nature take the limelight.
(8 years)