by Victoria Musiedlak
2023, France, 1h42
Starring : Noée Abita, Anders Danielsen Lie, Alexis Neises, François Morel, Saadia Bentaieb
Screenplay : Victoria Musiedlak
Cinematography : Martin Rit
Music : Olivier Marguerit
Setting : Clémence Ney
Costumes : Céline Brelaud
Film editing : Carole Le Page
Production : Camille Deleau, Antoine Denis
A recently graduated and somewhat green lawyer, Nora, is given a dark case of murder in Arras as her first criminal case. Carried away by her frenetic new life, she makes one mistake after another and questions her choices. The portrait of a young, naive woman who is discovering the very essence of her profession and the bleakness of a world she does not know.