by Frédéric Forestier, Antonin Fourlon
2023, France


Starring : Hakim Jemili, Camille Lou, Didier Bourdon, Thierry Lhermitte,  Jean-François Cayrey, Julien Pestel, Isabelle Candelier, Chantal Ladesou
Screenplay : Frédéric Forestier, Antonin Fourlon
Cinematography : Christian Abomnes
Music : Erwann Chandon
Setting : Florian Augis
Costumes : Nathalie van der Meulen
Film editing : Thibaut Damade
Production : Julien Arnoux, Olivier Delbosc
Simon and Adelaide have decided to leave the city with their two children to move to the countryside. But their dream quickly turns into a nightmare when they realise that their friendly neighbours are allowed to hunt on their property. Fits of laughter guaranteed in this uninhibited comedy, which turns into a free for all!