by Jonathan Glazer
2023, United-Kingdoms, Poland, USA, 1h45, vostf
Starring : Sandra Hüller, Christian Friedel, Ralph Herforth, Freya Kreutzkam, Max Beck
Screenplay : Jonathan Glazer
Based on the novel by Martin Amis
Cinematography : Lukasz Zal
Music : Mica Levi
Setting : Chris Oddy
Costumes : Malgorzata Karpiuk
Film editing : Paul Watts
Production : James Wilson, Ewa Puszcynska
Nazi commander, Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig are determined to build an idyllic life for their family in the house with garden they live in just a stone’s throw from Auschwitz concentration camp. This superb, powerful film plunges us into a unique sensorial experience, offering a chilling glimpse of the Holocaust.