Réalisé par Julio Medem
1992, Spain, 1h36, vostf
Organized in partnership with the Festival International du Film d'Amiens


Starring : Emma Suarez, Carmelo Gomez, Ana Torrent, Karra Elejalde
Scénario : Julio Medem, Michel Gaztanbide
Cinematography : Carles Gusi
Music : Alberto Iglesias
Setting : Rafael Palmero
Costumes : Maria José Iglesias
Film editing : Maria Elena Sainz de Rozas
Production : Fernando de Garcillan, Jose Luis Olaizola
How a cowardly wartime act had repercussions on the lives of two families living in the same Basque Country village, who tore each other to shreds under the indifferent gaze of their cows. A first, original and surprising film.