by Mohamed Kordofani
2023, Sudan, Egypt, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, 2h, vostf
Starring : Eiman Yousif, Siran Riak, Nazar Gomaa, Ger Duany, Paulino Victor Bol
Screenplay : Mohamed Kordofani
Cinematography : Pierre de Villiers
Music : Mazin Hamid
Setting : Issa Kandil
Costumes : Simba Elmur
Film editing : Heba Othman
Production : Amjad Abu Alala, Mohamed Alomda
In a country on the verge of secession, a strange friendship connects Mona, a rich Sudanese Muslim from the North, married but without children, to Julia, a young, Christian South Sudanese mother, who has been left destitute following the death of her husband. What is hidden behind the concern the women have for one other? A magnificent female plea to stop hatred and stigmatisation of the other.