by Claudia Huaiquimilla
2023, Chili, 1h26, vostf
Starring : Ivan Caceres, Cesar Herrera, Paulina García, Sebastian Ayala, Andrew Bargsted, Juila Lübbert
Screenplay : Pablo Greene, Claudia Huaiquimilla
Cinematography : Mauro Veloso
Music : Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar
Setting : Karla Molina
Costumes : Tania Lopez
Film editing : Andrea Chignoli, Maria José Salazar
Production : Pablo Greene, Mariana Tejos Martignoni
Angel and his younger brother Franco have been incarcerated in a juvenile prison for a year. Despite the difficulties, they have formed a solid group of friends with whom they spend their days sharing dreams of freedom. Everything changes with the arrival of Jaime, who wants to organize an escape.