Directed by Naël Marandin
Starring : Diane Rouxel, Finnegan Oldfield, Jalil Lespert, Olivier Gourmet
Cinematography: Noé Bach
Music : Maxence Dussère
Scénario : Naël Marandin, Marion Doussot
Editing : Damien Maestraggi
Production : Julien Rouch (Diligence Films)



Constance is a famer's daughter. With her fiancé, she wants to take over her father's farm and save it from bankruptcy. To do this requires expansion and investment. She receives the support of the influential Sylvain, but he seems to want something in return. Games of harassment and power in the still patriarchal and macho world of beef farming.


Naël Marandin

An actor, Naël Marandin first took to the stage at the age of 13 and he went on to take a succession of roles in theatre, television and cinema. To date, he has made one documentary (Pas de quartier, 2007), two shorts (Corps étrangers, 2007 - Sibylle, 2010) and two feature films (She Walks, 2015 - Beasts, 2020).


Vente internationale : Kinology (Paris)

Distribution France : Ad Vitam