Directed by Basil Dearden
United Kingdom
Time : 2h14
Cast : Charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier, Richard Johnson
Cinematography : Edward Scaife
Screenplay : Robert Ardrey
Music: Frank Cordell
Film editing : Fergus McDonell
Production : Julian Blaustein



1883. Sudan is gripped by an islamist and nationalist revolt. Hesitant to intervene, the British prime minister sends General Gordon to Khartoum to evacuate British nationals, but Gordon decides instead to defend the city. Two differing conceptions of the world clash in a gigantic dual. An epic film. 


Basil Dearden (1911-1971)

Basil Dearden started his film-making career at the Ealing Studios where he made comedies, detective thrillers and a segment of the famous Dead of Night (1945). Later, working with the writer and producer Michael Relph, he tackled some – hitherto rarely addressed – social and political issues such as Irish nationalism (The Gentle Gunman, 1952), racism (Sapphire, 1959) and homosexuality (Victim, 1961).