Directed by Roschdy Zem
Time : 1h25
Cast : Sami Bouajila, Roschdy Zem, Meriem Serbah, Maïwenn, Rachid Bouchareb, Abel Jafri, Nina Zem
Screenplay : Roschdy Zem, Maïwenn
Cinematography : Julien Poupard
Music : Maxence Dussere
Film editing : Pierre Deschamps
Production : Pascal Caucheteux
Moussa has always been there for his family. One day, he has a fall and suffers a severe knock to the head. Utterly changed, he now speaks without filter and hurls some home truths at his nearest and dearest. So he ends up falling out with everyone. Buoyed by its actors, a funny and moving family chronicle with strong autobiographical connotations.