Directed by Paul Negoescu
Time : 1h46
Cast : Iulian Postelnicu, Vasile Muraru, Anghel Damian, Crina Semciuc, Daniel Busuioc
Screenplay : Radu Romaniuc, Oana Tudor
Cinematography : Ana Draghici
Music : Marius Leftarache
Film editing : Eugen Kelemen
Production : Anamaria Antoci
Ilie is the chief of police in a village in northern Romania where corruption is rife. But this strange and unconventional character, who dreams of a different life, is blind to it, or rather, turns a blind eye to it. A series of murders, however, forces him to open his eyes and act. An offbeat thriller of tragic irony in which dark humour exists hand in hand with a wry nod to the absurd.