Directed by Marc Robinet
France / Belgium
Time : 0h43
Voices : Luka Nguyen Van Huong, Thelma Pitrat, Rémi Gutton, Damien Laquet
Screeplay : Alain Gagnol
Graphic design : Samuel Ribeyron
Animation : Marc Robinet, Pascal Vermeersch
Music : Lisa Chevalier, Yves Gourmeur
Film editing : Hervé Guichard, Antoine Rodet
Production : Reginald de Guillebon, Annemie Degryse
William is a spoiled boy who is used to being overindulged by his parents. So for Christmas this year, he demands… Santa in person. To satisfy him, his father hires the most skilled of all hunters. But doesn’t this whim risk jeopardising the magic of Christmas? A lively tale, told with fine artwork, that gives pause for thought but entertains at the same time.