Directed by Arni Olafur Asgeirsson
Iceland / Poland
Time : 1h40
Cast : Olga Boladz, Anna Moskal, Eryk Lubos, Jan Cieciara, Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Bernadetta Statkiewicz
Screenplay : Michal Godzic, Arni Olafur Asgeirsson
Cinematography : Marek Rajca
Music : Atli Örvarsson
Film editing : Mateusz Rybka
Production : Hilmar Sigurdsson, Bergsveinn Jonsson
Anna is released after spending 15 years in a Polish prison. Once out, she has only one aim in mind: to find a woman called Dorota. But to succeed she has to break her parole conditions, break the law and travel to Iceland. Part family drama, part thriller, a story that tackles the unexpected and gradually unveils its mysteries.